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Long Down--Oh no!

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So things were going well at the show and go today, getting ready for our first open trials the end of October. Casey did great (I managed to hit the jump with the dumbell and had to throw again...**** handler!). However, a huge problem developed during the group downs. An intact male dalmation ran across the other dogs, jumped on Casey and started to hump him!! (The same dog did the same thing to another dog earlier in the novice downs--his owner was beside him, wanting to practice again with the open dogs--obviously not watching carefully enough) He must have really startled Casey, who often threatens to go to sleep on the long down! By the time I ran back into the room, Casey was meeting me at the door in quite a panic. I managed to settle him again, and he seemed long as I was standing across the room. I think now that I should have stayed in the room (duh!!) but I slipped out again, planning to watch him from the window and he broke the down and ran to me. I put him back again, and this time stayed in the room. He was fine with me in sight, but in his "sphinx" stance, not his normal, relaxed posture. He has always acted as if the group stays were "safe" places to be, and now I am worried that he is going to have issues. Is there anything I should be doing? I am thinking that doing a lot of practice in sight for the next while would be in the plan...maybe I am over reacting and my "bomb proof" guy will be fine. What do you think? Emergency email also sent to my coach!
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what we do at show n' gos is have the 'judge' take sticks of cheese and go up and down the line and reward everyone's dog that is still in the correct position.

it's funny, you can tell our training clubs' dogs- they sit at the shows and watch the judge and drool.
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