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Logan, Lacey, Ralphie with giant carved pumpkins

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I posted a few pictures of Logan, Lacey, and Ralphie(the Corgi) with my giant pumpkins a few weeks ago. Here is what they looked like carved. It took 3 candles each to light them up.


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Wow! Great picture and pumpkins! I love the face of whoever's on the right :)
Awww! how cute!

Now it's time to make pumpkin pie :D and LOTS of it!
Logan (10 1/2) is on the right, Lacey (9 1/2) is on the left, and Ralphie (5) is in the middle. Logan and Lacey are 1/2 brother/sister with the same dad.
Wow those turned out awesome! Love the pics of the dogs with them.

Thanks for posting the pictures!
very very cute!!!
That is so cute:)
Those are some big pumpkins. Your pups are all very cute.
I love the picture. All the pups are just gorgeous. And those are some giant pumpkins
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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