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Livin' the life - with pics

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Yesterday Shiloh had her first ever arranged play date with a fellow puppy. We have a friend in our homeschool group who has a 3 month old mixed breed puppy. I think the mix is Akita/mastiff/boxer/lab. They are 7 weeks apart, but the same size. Shiloh was in puppy heaven! Unfortunately our back yard is a soupy, mucky mess this time of year so both pups were completely dripping in nasty mud by the end of their play session. But it was well worth the two showers and the double bath it took to get Shiloh clean. ;) Here is a pic of her before I got her to the tub. It doesn't do her state of grossness justice, but you can see a bit for the mud. Just know that she is normal a few shades lighter in color... And both my tub and stand up shower were disgusting! I have never washed so much dirt off a creature. It's amazing how much mud and dirt a golden's thick coat will hold. Our friend's pup definitely got away cleaner. Must have better fur for repelling dirt and water.

They were so cute together - chasing and pinning and biting and wrestling. It was amazing to watch them work out their dominance together. Both are female, and though both asserted themselves, they took turns and were very equal in many ways. I thought Shiloh would be more submissive, since she flips on her back and pees all over herself anytime she meets a new person or bigger dog. She surprised me by really working it out with Winter (the other pup).

It was super fun to watch, and we can't wait to get them together again. Maybe next time in a drier yard... ;)


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Sounds like fun was had by all!!!

I agree that the coat came be deceptive some times. I recently went to "rinse" Bear off but the water came out gray and I decided a full blown bath was in order.
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