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Lisa doesn't like El Paso....

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...the stickers are constantly getting into her fur, and even though it isn't as hot anymore, anything more than a few blocks in daylight and she's through. I mean she'll almost sit on her butt or crawl under a car for shade if I'd let her.
The booties :no: a no go in her book.
She DOES like to be in our backyard though. there is usually enough shade and plenty of water, and like a three inch layer of pine shavings which keeps down the dirt.

And bike riding.............Fugeddaboudit:doh:

Gina...the newest edition doesn't mind the heat long as she has plenty of water, and if she does get stickers in her paws she simply stops and picks them out but in general the ground doesnt phase her(lots of rocks, asphalt and concrete). Since we picked her up in new mexico i figure she aclimated a bit better. She's a GSH and wants to be around mommy all the time, but she's still too young to ride.

So I'm kinda stuck feeling that i am giving all the attention to the puppy because she's the only one who wants to do anything.

If I leash them both up and go to walk outside Lisa is good for a while, but if its daylight, half an hour max.

I did find the dog park but there is never anyone there so not sure whats up with that but again Lisa isn't happy with the pebbles for footing.

Our neighborhood is okay, but still a lot of dogs get out or jump fences so walking at night for any serious distance is not the best idea.

The girls get along great, no real bickering.........

I dunno, any way to get her to apreciate borderland life?:bowl:
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LOL, I'm from Maine so I can't help much. Maybe you could mail her up here to me so she wouldn't have to worry about "Stickers" (whatever they are) :p: I'm sure my boys would give up some room on the bed for her.
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