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Waiting for pics lost in cyberspace to arrive from my phone!

She is gorgeous! Maybe has some BC or something- she is very playful, sweet! FlyingQuizini or fans of Quiz would drool for her! She is red, fast, driven as hell! She has ball drive, frisbee drive, and tugging drive. She is docile, submissive, yet confident. Her temperament is just about unbeatable. I honestly think she could work as a service dog or similar. Even after ALL she's been through, she ran around the dog park for two hours with a grin and no signs of stress! Came home and ate a full meal and is asleep. She let me trim nails and toe fuzz with just kisses. She is angelic and LOVES other dogs, kids, and all people.

I'd like:

A home with another playful dog OR someone willing to take her to play dates
A home interested in sport training- at least for fun, if not competition.
A home that would appreciate a medium sized dog with a Golden look and coat
Someone ready to train a puppy- she appears housebroken, LOVES the car, and knows sit and down, but she's young and playful.
Someone who likes positive training. She's very food motivated!

She's stable as hell so I think she'd adjust to nearly any environment with attention and playtime. She respects grumpy dogs, loves puppies, and has a smile for everyone. Even wheelchairs, canes, babies, strollers, screaming kids (all at the dog park tonight) didn't phase her at all.
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She sounds wonderful Jenna... I know you will find her a great home. :)
Here are pics pre grooming, when I picked her up!


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aww there she is!!! Shes a beauty ( and you all got better pictures than me!) I love her!!!! :)
Anyone who'd like to donate towards her spay can call ACT of Tampa, the spay clinic and donate towards JENNA F's female dog spay and rabies vaccination happening on Thursday, October 22- number is (813) 250-3900 Make sure it goes towards THAT account and not towards them as a clinic. If they are confused, give my number 727 741 3069 as a reference or refer to Sabrina (feline) and Holiday (Canine) also altered there last week. I think only another $50 or $60 needs donating, and if it doesn't happen, that's okay. I'll cover it :)

She is current on all other shots, chipped, and HW negative.
She sounds like a dog that will really brighten someones life. I'm sure she will find a great home soon. Great work Jenna and Amy.
A couple with another Golden is coming to view her tonight, and another woman is coming tomorrow. I will pick between them (if I like them of course) and she will be released Saturday if it works out (She gets spayed Thursday!). Wish her luck! I'll be sure to take pics.
oh thats GREAT news Jenna! I hope oneof those homes are the perfect home for Lindsay!!! If not.....its not so bad that shes staying at your house ;)
Starlite is getting neutered that day too. I so wimped out and canceled his appt on Friday. But I gotta get over it! lol I'm so scared of losing my baby again! But I'm sick of dogs attacking him at the park just because he's intact (and he's not at all aggressive).
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