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Hi folks!
Our 5 year old neutered male has a couple of girl friends, Sister in law’s dogs. One is a labradoodle and the other was diagnosed as border collie. (rescue dog)
Maggie, the labdoodle, is about a year old and has known Tucker since she was a pup and Zoie the collie just came into the family. She is a couple of years old.
Both dogs have a fascination with licking Tuckers lips/jowls. The wife read that Golden’s have the sweetest breath of any dog. What ever that means? And thought the slobber that collects at the back of his chops might be sweet or something that might attract the girls.

Tucker doesn’t seem to mind all the licking but after 30-40 minutes you can tell he’s thinking enough is enough and comes over to me and parks between my legs and the couch.
Never having witnessed this kind of behavior I was wondering if anyone had any similar experiences or is my boy just a love muffin?

Wife thinks I should know this stuff but I don’t. I suggested that I could eat his food for a couple of days, she could lick my lips for a half hour or so and we could see what happens.
She suggested that I should get fixed like Tucker, so no there will be only canine face licking at this house. Sigh!

So, any information on face licking (canine that is) would be appreciated.

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you have a great sense of humor...totally explains why you have a golden!

Generally speaking lip licking is a sign of respect...puppies and insecure dogs will do it to adult, more respected dogs to appease them ... However some adult dogs dont think it is particularly endearing from puppies and even less so from adult dogs.

Your boy is IMO being VERY tolerant to allow that behavior for 30 minutes.

Can the other dogs be distracted? I would work hard to convince the others to knock it off.

I suspect at some point he will tell them ENOUGH and it may be rather dramatic. How is your relationship with your SIL? Can she handle her dogs being corrected by your dog or will she panic seeing her dogs snapped at, growled at and chased across the room?
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