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Most, if not all of you found and joined this forum long after I had posted the story of my golden boy Hunter, that I lost at age 4 yrs 2 months to ProHeart6. He was my soul mate of dogs. I had been owned by many before him and many since him, and I loved him no more than any other, but there was a bond between us that people saw and commented on. He was a picky eater and I worried he might not swallow all his interceptor pill each month and ProHeart 6 had been out almost 4 years and my vet suggested it. BIG mistake. It killed my boy. He spent 8 days in ICU with me visiting him 3 times a day. He fought so hard to live but in the end it killed killed him. I felt so guilty, and lie so many who lost their dogs to it, blamed myself for killing him.

So many of us that lost or almost lost a dog/dogs it it found each other seaching for answers. Many of us are still in contact after all these years---Hunter died OCt. 16, 2003. Some lost two dogs, One in Color took all 3 of hers in and got the PH6 injections the same day and it killed 2 and the 3rd was on meds the rest of his life. One in Philly lost both of hers, on in Florida lost her Pom and her Sheltie was in bad shape for years and on and on and on. I lost 40 months the first 8 months after Hunter died, and then I got a visit from him thru his litter mate sister and after that I knew all was well with him, he still loved me as much as ever, didn't blame me. Ten and half months after his death the FAa had Fort Dodge pull it bcaue it had killed so many dogs and so many others had serious reactions. It was off the market for almost 4 years being reformulated and was brought back with a black label warning. I never used it again on a dog. Now they have 12 month out.

Anyway, couple of days ago I was looking for something I had saved on my computer and found this letter I wrote to Hunter on the 3rd anniversary of his death. I had sent a copy to my vet and he wrote back the sweetest reply and this was still attached, so I have it. this is the letter I wrote to Hunter, my Petey as I called him when he was playing his games with me.

On Mon Oct 16 18:06 , 'Sandra Slayton' sent:

My Precious Hunter,

Three years ago today was one of the saddest days of my life because it is
the day you were taken from me. I have spent all these years telling of your
death, using the story of your death to try to save other precious dogs.

I have also tried to describe you so people would know the kind of special
boy you were. But it is so hard for people who never knew you to understand.
How can you describe a rainbow to one who can not see, the sweet scent of
rose to one who can not smell, the sound of a song bird to one who can not

They could not know your gentleness, like a spring breeze, because they
never saw you laying beside your sister, gently licking her face after she
had her knee surgeries. They never saw you laying besides Honey's crate to
keep her company when she spent 6 weeks in there after heartworm treatment.
They never saw you bringing your toys and placing them on the grandchildrens
blanket as they sat on the floor.

They could not know your patience as they never saw you let your sister or
Honey take the toy from your mouth. Or the way you let Honey run up behind
you and grab your leg, almost pulling you down. You would just sit down and
look at me as if to say "Is she ever going to stop pestering me." We wanted
you to growl or snap at her as we were scared she was going to hurt you, but
you never did. Or your total willingness to share any food or treat.

They could not know how you made me laugh with your clumbsiness, the way you
would fall off the bed until you learned to sleep wrapped around my head, or
the way you ran into things and even tripped over your own feet. Yet when
you ran, no gazelle was more graceful. Your long lean body stretched out,
sun bringing out the gold and silver in your golden fur. Or the way you woke
me each morning with your wide, dripping tongue dancing hap-hazardly on my
neck, in my hair, in my ear. When I turned my fact towards you and opened my
eyes, your ears would perk up and your tail just thump. You were so happy to
have my attention, I just had to laugh at you.

They can not know your devotion to me. The way you had to sleep where you
could see my face--once you learned not to fall out of bed. How I would
sometimes wake up at night with the feeling of being watched and it was you
on the floor watching me--I was to close to the edge of the bed for you to
be there to see my face. I would move over and you would get back on the
bed. They could not see you watching me talk and hear people say how you
hung onto every word I said.

They could not see how hard you fought that last week to live, never
refusing to take your meds, never trying to get your IV out, never refusing
to go back in your ICU unit after being out for tests to go potty, never
fighing the twice a day blood draws. The techs all said you wanted to live
for me.

Hunter, my Petey boy, I never believed in ghosts or visits from beyond, but
I knew without a doubt that night, 8 months after your death, that you were
using your sister's body to let me know you were fine, you loved me as much
as ever and you did not blame me for your death. I have so wished to be
woken again with her tongue all wet and slobbering dancing on the back of my
neck to wake you always woke me in the mornings. But it has not
happened again. But i am so thankful for that one visit becuase it took away
my guilt.

I think when God made you he threw away the mold. You were a one of a kind,
my precious Petey , and I love you as much today as I ever did and I will
love you that much forever. Love, Mommy

HUNTER Aug. 19, 1999 -----8:40 PM Oct. 16, 2003

His picture is the one I h ave used in my Avatar since I found this forum right after he started up back in 2005. Here are some more pictures of him and some with his litter mate sister, KayCee I have a hard time believing that next month it will have been 16 years since the day I lost the most gentle soul that ever walked this earth.


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