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Let Bailey sleep with me last night

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I'm not feeling that well and I decided to let Bailey out of the kennel and sleep with me on the couch. She's not allowed in our room, so our bed was out of the question. Hubby is out on his fishing adventure, so Bailey was protecting us through the night.:p: She did awesome! She did not have one accident and woke me up at 5am to go outside.

Nonetheless, it was awesome to have Bailey sleep by my side all night. I hope I didn't start something I'm going to regret. She gets to go back in the kennel tonight.
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Good for her - Tried that with Max....not a good sleepy partner!! Happy for you that Bailey is :)
I can't wait to take the kennel down, it takes up so much space in here. However, it's not going down until she stops chewing on thing's she is not suppose to.
Casey has always slept in his own bed beside ours, and generally goes to bed and gets up when we do. He does occasionally sneak onto the big bed when daddy is out of town or for a morning snuggle.
Scout is the greatest when she sleeps with us. She sleeps through the entire night and cuddles right up against us. She wakes me up with little nudges or licking in the morning when she needs to go out. I think it's great...some people think we're crazy. ;-)
Dont be surprised if she whines tonight in her crate. They learn that trick so fast on sleeping on the bed.
Kaylee snuggles in bed with us most nights. Sometimes when she gets hot, she climbs in her crate and just sleeps in there, we leave it open so she can go in and out as she pleases. But we love the snuggles, and in the morning she wakes us up but hovering over us and breathing right in our faces....luckily my boyfriend has morning potty duty :D
Tinkerbell used to sleep a lot of nights on her bed onthe floor next to mine. She slowly slept more often in my bed to finally she was always in my bed. So now we moved her bed to the family room.

I love her snuggles. She sleeps next to me wih her head on a pillow, and she likes the sheet over her but not a blanket. Or sometimes she sleeps across the top of the bed. Either way I have soft snoring in my ear every night. And usually I wake her up. When the alarm goes off she groans and usually stays in bed until I get out of the shower.
I have only allowed Pippa on the couch or bed when I have not been feeling well or was sick. It's just so comforting to snuggle up to her. It's a very good sign that your pup made it through the night with no accidents. Hopefully soon she will graduate to a doggy bed and won't need her crate.
Dont be surprised if she whines tonight in her crate. They learn that trick so fast on sleeping on the bed.
I agree totally!!
The boys and I share a king sized bed but I awake every morning thinking I'm in a mummy style sleeping bag as the boys are working hard to keep my toes warm. :D Once the alarm goes off they both come up to the pillows for some snugs and rubs. I wouldn't change a thing.
Gunner has been sleeping with me since he was about 8 months. He starts off at the foot of the bed and then works his way up to lay next to me. He has a built in alarm and on week-ends he wakes me up at his normal work week time to eat. I get nuzzled, licked and hugs around my neck till I get up to feed him. We go back to bed for an hour or so since its normally too early to get up on a week-end. Sometimes he goes back to sleep, other times he brings toys up on the bed to play with while I'm sleeping. He is a great cuddler too!
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