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Layla's spay appointment is Friday...

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and I am heart sick over it. She is so fearful and skittish, I don't want to leave her overnight, she is going to be so scared.

I think I am going to talk to my Vet about letting me take her home that night - he let me take Aiyana home an hour after he did an emergency hysterectomy on her. He said he knew she would get better care at home...he made me pick up Hurley 5 hours early from his neuter - I guess they could not stand his arctic whines LOL. Dream got to come home a day early from ACL repair...I hope he lets me bring the little peanut home early.

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I guess I don't understand why some vets make the dog stay there overnight after a surgery. I suppose I understand the reasoning why, but so many others don't require it. Our vet keeps the dog the whole day, and lets you take the dog home at the end of the day. I don't see why Layla shouldn't be able to come home this evening.

Anyhow, she will be fine. I felt the same way you did because Flora is so nervous around other dogs and such. I guess she was a little hellraiser, but she survived. Layla will be home before you know it! :)
No dog I have ever had spayed has stayed over night, and I would never allow it!

State you are experienced, and you'd prefer your dog come home the same day.

I worried sick having my guys done recently! But everyone is okay!
My previous female (Arby) didn't have to spend the night either. I dropped her off in the morning and picked her up on my way home.
Thanks everyone,

I just spoke to one of the girls at the Vet, she said the person who scheduled it probably did not know who I was...they have just started keeping them overnight, (because the bandage needs to be removed and incision checked the next day... big deal) but don't do it for people who are experienced in caring for dogs. Big sigh of relief here.... she told me to be sure when I drop her off Friday that they know to do hers first thing in the morning, so I can pick her up at 5:00.

Maybe I can sleep tonight LOL... I was up most of the night worrying about it.

Rosie is supposed to be spayed at the end of November, and she is going to stay overnight. I guess I just assumed she'd be pretty tired from the surgery, and that she'd spend most of her time sleeping. Since she is our first puppy, we are not experienced pet owners. I wonder if they'd let her come home with us, or if she'll be better off staying at the vet overnight? The thought of her staying there has been nagging at me. I don't want her to be scared, but I want her to receive the care she needs.
I'm currently working as a vet tech because I'm applying to vet school this year.

It really seems unnecessary to keep the animals overnight. I can understand it only if the vet does the surgery later in teh day or evening. Different vets like to use different "cocktails" of pre-anesthetic drugs. Depending on which are used, it may take longer or shorter time for recovery. Most days, the vet I work for does surgeries between 11-2 pm and the animals are good to go between 4:30-6:30 pm depending on the order in which they were done.
My girls always came home late afternoon.
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