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Layla says thank you....

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Hi everyone,

Layla wants to thank everyone - I do too.. for the prayers, good thoughts and positive energy. She is finally feeling more like herself today :).

Maybe because she finally has a full tummy :). I have been standing on my head to feed her, she would not get off the couch to eat.. so she has been getting bits of beef or chicken, and cheeseburgers hand fed to her (would not eat out of her bowl while on the couch :no:).
I ran out and got double cheeseburgers and fries for all the pups this afternoon (yes their noses are out of joint and they want to be babied too) - I placed it in Laylas bowl, she came and ate all gone for the first time since she has been home. Now she wants to play... poor girl.

Her incision looks good, I just hope we can keep her away from it now that she is feeling better. I don't think tshirts, cone of shame, etc. are going to keep her away if she really wants to get at it :uhoh:.

thanks again,

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Yay, she is doing better. We still need pics!
That is such great news :) Glad she's feeling better
Glad she is feeling better. She probably felt better earlier but liked the extra spoiling and being waited on like royalty. I know I would. LOL
Yep, I think she liked being waited on LOL... of course the other two had to get in on it too. I had to feed Dream on the couch this morning, but at least she ate out of her bowl and it was dog food.

I do need to get a picture of her with her cone or life preserver on...for my scrap book. I promise I will get to it some time this week.
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