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Lasting through the night?

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So we've gotten different answers on this issue and clearly not every dog is going to be the same. At what age will pups likely sleep through the night without having to go out?
The breeder made it sound like it shouldn't take all that long...but the vet said not until 6 months should she be expected to do so.

Last night, Bailey didn't wake up once. She's only 7 1/2 weeks. Wife let her out around 11:30 and I woke up at 6:00. Did we just get lucky for one night? Or, might she last 6-7 hours at this age...if really tired?
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Both Kadence who is now 8 months & our new puppy we picked up 2 weeks ago immediately slept most the night. I am up late (at least 2 am), so about 12MN I would take them out. Usually 8AM or close they would wake up. This little one slept to 9:15 AM last week at 9 weeks. Cage is always dry. Good thing I didn't have to be anywhere that day, I didn't set an alarm because they are like clock work.
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