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Kuranda Bed

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I ordered a Kuranda bed today. I got an XL - our 6 month old is 62lbs and going to be a big boy. I was going to get the cordura fabric but got the ballistic nylon because it was on sale. I also got the deluxe pad. I'm pretttty excited to see what all the hype is about!!! :bowl:
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I had a thread on this last week (or the week before).

If I may make a suggestion.... I know it's like $40 more, but I recommend you call them back and change your order to the XXL.

I say this because Gilmour is 60 pounds now, and when he stretches out, the XXL is the perfect size for him.

I think an XL may be too small.

Anyway, you will love this thing. Gilmour has destroyed 4 beds so far, including two Cooleroo's (cheap clones of the Kuranda). The Cooleroo's are made well enough, but the edges of the bed are not fully contained like the Kuranda, and he ripped them apart.

He has had his Kuranda for I guess 3 weeks now, and not a scratch!

And he has pawed at it hard. Since it is elevated, it has also become an escape zone for Ronin the Siamese Cat. When Ronin dives under there, Gilmour will jump up on his Kuranda and start digging at it trying to get to Ronin.

No damage so far.

Great choice! But I would re-consider the size.
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