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Krypto at home!

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Hey guys! Krypto is now at home!!! he is so so so adorable!! he's our goden pocket! hehe
here you have the first photos!!

my sister with Krypto

the first time I touched him

my girlfriend with krypto

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Oh my ...what a cutie! You must be thrilled. He is adorable.
He is gorgeous and what an expressive face. Those eyes just draw you in. Congratulations on Krypto
Yay, he's home!! What a doll... I can't get over that face! Congrats on your new addition... Lois would be proud!

Julie and Jersey
He is just adorable-love those short little legs :)
Congrats! He is a doll!
I think I missed the backstory on this cute little guy! He's so sweet! Can anyone fill me in?
It is good to see pictures of Krypto in your home and no longer in a shelter. He is a very good looking little boy.
the story of Krypto: He was in a dog pound since June 2009. His first owner died and his son became krypto's owner. This guy was junkie and his wife was alcoholic and krypto lived hard times at home.

he's with us since yesterday but we have realized that he doesn't know how playing with the ball because we think that he had never played with his owner, he doesnt know how "kissing" us and he's a little bit scared.

he's better today ... here you have more photos

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Excellent! Krypto has the home of his dreams. I am so happy for you. I wish my washing machine was next to my fridge, makes a world of sense to me!
awwww poor guy. My sister had a dog that needed to be trained to play and enjoy life, he had a very hard life before she got him...but they can recover and be just fine.

What a big heart you have, I hope he comes out of his shell soon. Those eyes say it all. In a few days/weeks they will show much more relief. He is a handsome little guy.
Too cute for words! I love him, he's adorable! :)
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