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Kitchen Rugs

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My 5 1/2 month golden, Maggie, is a pretty good pup for the most part, but lately we've had a dilemma. She has taken to picking up our kitchen rugs and dragging them all over the house. Anyone else had this problem and have any solutions other than just picking the rugs up?
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I had to remove the kitchen rugs until Rookie was 18 months old!
Chester drags the small rug from the front door almost every night....I think he is just looking for attention before his evening walk. And for the most part we just tell him no and put it back.
Penny used to drag the rugs out of the half bath EVERY DAY! I finally gave up and put them away for about a year.

Now she lays on one during the winter but during the summer she pushes it to the side so she can lay on the tile. At least, she leaves them in the bathroom.

If you give Maggie some old towels, she might leave the rugs alone. You've got about a 90-10 chance that she won't drag the towels AND the rugs around. Enjoy. They grow up way too fast!
I removed all the rugs when Bama was small because he kept ripping them up and carrying them around the house.
Add me to the list of people who picked up the rugs until the dogs were older :p:. Biscuit loves to carry a towel around so maybe that would work with your pup. I think it's just a "retriever" thing....this need to carry stuff around in their mouth.
I'll try the towels trick and I guess I'll just pull up the rugs until Maggster is a little older. Thanks for the input.
At least she only carries them. We can't have ANY rugs in our house (we have complete wood flooring too...) because Mojo pees on them. ALL of them. Pretty much anything "material" left on the floor will be peed on. I dread ever moving to a house with carpet.

This winter is going so be hard, our feet are going to freeze. :(
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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