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I think most of you have seen the pictures of my Halloween decorating--as well as Thanksgiving and Christmas. Do up the entire house, every single room including bathrooms. Well, I just spent 3 days putting up my Halloween stuff. When it takes that long to get everyting out and up, I want it up several weeks.

Well, in the front corner bedroom, which was my Buck's bedroom, I put this huge furry pumpkin--is big enough I can't reach all the way around it. Has arms and legs and face and is cute. I put it on the floor in there near the window that looks out front.

Honey likes to go in that room and lay with her chin on the low window ledge looking at what all is going on ou front. Lat night hubby and I were in here on the computer (he was watching me harvest crops on Farm Town) and all of a sudden we heard Honey barking, looked around and she was standing in the hall looking inot that bedroom, her fur standing straight up down her back. At first we thought she saw a strange dog or something--but that didn't seem likely as curtains were closed on that window.

I went into the hall and then could see she was looking at that huge pumpkin. I went in and picked it up to show her it was okay and she went tearing t down the hall. That taffy was SCARED OF THAT FUZZY STUFFED PUMPKIN. fINALLY SHE REALIZED IT WAS NOT GOING TO HURT IT AND SHE CAME UP AND SNIFFED ON IT.

This is the first time I have ever known her to be scared of anything---except my freezer delivery man. She was scared of him for some reason.

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That's so funny. The can be weird little creatures.

Penny goes nuts when the neighbors put 3 lighted Christmas trees in their back yard. Heck, she 'warns' us if they've moved their sprinkler!

Pictures would be nice. Immortalize your decorations forever!
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