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Kibble & Bids 2009 - HBGRR

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Yesterday was the 2009 Kibble & Bids fundraiser for Homeward Bound. Riverwood Estate sponsors this event every year on their beautiful grounds and the weather was perfect. Lots of people, lots of vendors (read Wine & Food!!!!), lots of volunteers, and an overall happy day for Rescue and HBGRR. We had our Golden Greeters on hand and some of their pics are below. It's a wonderful day of fine wine, food, friends and nothing but Golden is spoken.

And nothing made me smile more then seeing my BIG BUDDY Rufus enjoying himself and getting lots of human love directed his way. Way to go Rufus.

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I was one of the lucky people who attended this event and it was beyond FABULOUS. It was sooooo much fun. I was also lucky enough to meet GRF's very own Steve Harlin. He was so nice and really took the time to make me feel welcomed to the event.
I am already looking foreward to next years Kibble and Bids.

So. Cal. Homeward Bound Volunteer
Let me add it was an honor to have met Deborah. She is a tireless Rescuer that has saved lives whenever she hears of at risk Goldens. Not only does she volunteer for HBGRR but she does so from Southern California and that's a LONG way from the Sanctuary. It was doubly wonderful to meet her not only as a fellow GRF'er and HBGRR angel, but, she was responsible for pulling and saving my Big Buddy Rufus from a SoCal shelter. Now Rufus and I can share stories when I see him!!!!!
Gosh what an amazing event. That first picture is just stunning with the golden and the autumn leaves. I hope yall raised alot of money. Wish I had a RV so I could travel the country to all the events.
Goldens, good wine and good food sounds like the makings of a great day. HBGRR seems to have the best events going. Glad it was a fantastic event'
Awww ... there's my Rufus !

Looking sooo good !
And from what I hear ... doing sooo well
It's heartwarming to see so many people care
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