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Kennel Cough (daycare/training dilemma)

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Ahhh...we think Teddy might have kennel cough. He is vaccinated, but I know that doesn't always stop them from getting it.

I would assume he caught it from daycare which he goes to 2 to 3 times a week for socialization reasons.

This has been very frustrating because in September Teddy also had an upper respiratory infection...which we would assume he also caught from either daycare or his puppy fundamentals class.

We are kind of at a loss of what to do once this clears up (obviously he will not be going to daycare/training while he is contagious to other dogs), but since this happened twice it kind of makes us want to just pull him from daycare and training all together...

I mean does Teddy just have a low immune system or is it common for a puppy to get sick this often??

He definitely needs training and it makes me so disappointed to have to take him out of daycare...he loves that place sooo much and they are such nice people there. They keep the place very clean and are so helpful. I just wish this would stop happening. I haven't been hearing about any other dogs getting sick there, but that's the only place Teddy comes in contact with other dogs.

We will be calling the vet in the morning as of right now he has been coughing very far and inbetween (he had 4 little coughing/hacking fits throughout the whole day) and there has not been any discharge that I've seen.

I would appreciate any advice that can be offered on the whole daycare/training. Is he getting sick more than other dogs because he is still a puppy (almost 21 weeks)?

Thanks for your help.
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Please do not think I am trying to be an alarmist or am second guessing your vet in anyway. I had posted something earlier in another thread about the increase in canine influenza that is starting to show itself. It is quite often misdiagnosed as kennel cough and I would be remiss if I didn't say anything. Maybe just a call to your vet to see if he has seen any cases would be all that is needed.
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