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Bock brought up an important point in a recent thread about puppies chewing on a sheet thrown over the kennel.

BOTH of mine do that now.

For the past two weeks they haven't been covered. I've tried a couple of times to cover them, but no. Om nom nom, chew chew chew. Drives me nuts. I want them to feel safe and comfortable in their "dens" ... Any suggestions?

They're only in there at night for the most part.

Max can't even have any blankets or anything IN her kennel either! She chews EVERYTHING. It looks so sad... just her in the completely empty, uncovered kennel. Mojo has an old pillow and a couple of blankets, but he won't chew them.

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Here's what I did with Tysen...put 2 sheet over the crate overlapping that way they were long enough to lay on ground without him being able to reach the end. When the two sheets overlap in the middle I would put a couple heavy things on top so he wouldn't be able to pull in through the middle.

This doesn't ALWAYS work, but it did help out a lot!

The reason I did cover it was to help him calm down but it really didn't help that much. I quit covering the crates and he's done just fine without the sheets.

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I put a board on top of the crate that overlaps the crate on all sides by about an inch. Then I place a sheet over the board. The sheet hangs down over the sides of the board and don't touch the crate. Then I use the crate as an end table
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