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Keeping Pawley (failed foster)

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I dont know if any of you remember Pawley. He came right before Beau passed away. Big clumsy redhead that is just the sweetest puppy. After Beau passed away, I said I would just keep fostering and not adopting anymore but Pawley stole my heart. Here is why..

He seems to know exactly when I am starting to feel sad and comes and lays next to me and puts his head on my lap. One example is one night I walked into the bedroom to go to the bathroom. I didnt turn on any lights because Tim was sleeping. Walked into the bathroom and saw a dark spot on the floor and went to step over it. Beau used to sleep in the bathroom so I was always stepping over him. I stopped and actually thought "dont want to step on Beau". When I got into the bathroom I remembered and started getting all sad again and tearing up. Walked back into the living room and sat down crying. Not making any noise or anything Pawley walked over to me and got on the couch, leaned up against me and put his head on my shoulder then licked my face. He just leans on me when I am standing there and just cuddles all the time (when not wrestling with Bama) with me and Tim. He is just the biggest love muffin just like Beau was. So it is like having my Beau again.

I know that Pawley cant replace Beau but he has been so comforting to me, the rescue said we could keep him. It is like he has a old dog spirit in him with the fun spunkiness of a young dog. And we could swim together in the pool. Me and him will just swim and swim around the pool and he will even let you roll him on his back and rub his belly while he floats. Never seen anything like it.
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Thanks Beau for sending Pawley to your mom:)
Congrats to you Carol! He sounds like a sweetheart! So ....... what's this guy look like?
Sounds like you need to update your signature. He sounds perfect.
Was wondering when you were going to give in and post . . . now, we need some more pics of Pawley and looks like you're going to have to redo your signature again. Congratulations to you both!
That is wonderful Carol, made me all teary eyed :eek: and yes, it is like Beau sent Pawley to you. He sounds like a perfect fit.
Congratulations it sounds like you guys are the perfect match.
Oh, that is wonderful, Carol! Such a sweetie and sent to help you heal.
Sounds like yours and Pawley's timing is just right! Enjoy your relationship because he was sent to you with love!
You know, I hate the term "failed foster."

How about "unexpected miracle?"
Yes, we would love to see pictures of your redhead. Congratulations.
Pictures!! He sounds like he was meant for you.
Oh he sounds so perfect :) And the redheads so have a way of stealing hearts :)


I can't tell you how happy I am for you. I believe that Beau had a hand in your adopting him.

When you got Pawley and Beau was so sick I remember thinking, "Oh, I hope that Carol adopts Pawley. It sounded from the Beginning that Pawley was right where he should be forever!!!!
You were lucky to find each other! Can't wait to see the pics. Congrats on your new addition.
Here are pawley's pics

HERE ARE PAWLEY'S PICS and the thread when Carol first got him!!

My new foster Pawley


I got a new foster Pawley this week. Scout that was with me went to another home. The woman that originally was going to take him was out of town so I kept him till she came home. Plus her house is carpeted easier on his bad hips.

My new guy Pawley is a real sweetie. We call him a big red goofy guy. Pawley is around 15 months old and a love bug. One of the other foster moms thinks that he is a brother to her dog that she adopted from the rescue. Around the same age and looks exactly like him. When I picked him up from the woman that picked him up from the vet, they said he had the worst ear infection they had ever seen. It is bacterial and some major black gunk is coming out of his ears. He walked around the first day shaking his head but is better now.
He and Bama are having alot of fun together. He loves the other dogs especially Beau. Him and the kitties are getting along great. Pawley will make someone a wonderful golden.Without further ado, Pawley:


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This is so great.
I knew it!! :) Congrats on your new permanent addition Carol
not a failed found him a home. So check the box for "home found."

Sometimes they just belong with you.
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