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K9 Pedigree

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I was given the K9 pedigree chart for my new puppy coming home to my family in few weeks. I tried to decipher it but I am so lost and confused. Can any one please help me decipher it or tell me whether my puppy pedigree is good? Thanks so much!

Pedigree: Halle x Brui
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I would say a well-bred show Golden should not be considered a lazy dog. They are still a sporting breed with exercise requirements. The breed itself is pretty easy to train.
A field dog will almost certainly have a higher threshold for exercise, which may manifest in a variety of ways. They are bred to work and work and work. This does not, however, mean they are any easier or harder to train. I think that depends on who is training the dog and what they want to achieve with the dog.

Some people do breed lazy dogs but that is not correct and I would not go into the breed expecting a low energy dog.
I can only speak for Logan and although he is not as thin (he’s 67lbs) as most field Goldens I’ve met, he has tons of energy. He may have less energy than a field dog overall — I’ve never owned one — but he can run like the wind and is very able to go, go, go if we are out and about exercising. Thankfully, he settles in the house. Lazy would never enter my mind as a way to describe him.
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