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K9 Pedigree

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I was given the K9 pedigree chart for my new puppy coming home to my family in few weeks. I tried to decipher it but I am so lost and confused. Can any one please help me decipher it or tell me whether my puppy pedigree is good? Thanks so much!

Pedigree: Halle x Brui
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Two questions I would ask - do the sire and dam have an updated eye clearance (it's not on OFA, but would hope this was done). Eye clearances should be done annually, particularly in dogs being used for breeding. Has the sire been tested for ICH-2 and is he clear? While I would not suspect it in the sire's pedigree, I am not certain we know enough about it at this point to definitively rule it out.

It's a nice pedigree and it is conformation-focused. That simply means that the lines were bred with an emphasis on structure. I, too, prefer to see mid-high level performance titles in the pedigrees, but that is because I spend a great deal of time training my golden and I like to see some evidence of trainability. That is not necessarily something that is a priority for everyone.
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