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Hey everyone. Our little 5 month old, Layla, is driving us crazy with her jumping up on people! When myself or my wife come home she jumps but she is not terrible about it. I put her down, tell her to sit and stay. It finally works after about the 4th time. However, the biggest problem is when other people come visit. She jumps up on them and is getting big enough that she is going to start knocking people over! The other issue is she just goes crazy! It's like she has been locked up for days without seeing anyone! What can we do to stop this?
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Put her on a leash when people come over so you can make her sit and stay. Use treats when she does good and she will learn.
Very common for goldens and I have two of them that are big time jumpers. If you can, find some friends to come over with lots of treats and train the friends to ask for a sit/stay before they get the treat. The other thing is to have guests cross their arms over their chests, turn their backs and stare at the ceiling until the pup settles down. It is more about training the guests than the pup. Good luck to you.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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