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Jumping up and biting - help

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Bailey is for the most a really calm dog especially if she gets her daily walks (two walks and we are usually gone for an hour each time). But on our walks she's a little difficult, first she doesn't want to walk and stands still every 2-4 steps and I try to convice her to keep walking, then finally after 20 minutes or so she walks steadily but keeps eating everything interesting to her on the ground (I am always with my son in the stroller on the walks).

Now and then she wants to attack me and jumps on me and bites holes in my t-shirt, it usually always starts with her biting on the leash. I try to make her sit and calm down and most of the time it works fine and she will walk fine until the next attack.
Most of the time she attacks when we are on our way back and always on our street just a few houses before our home.

Today when we came in she run to the water and when I got my son in the living room (which is gated, I have to separate them most of the time) and walked back to the kitchen area she came running towards me and bit a hole in my son's sweater which I was holding at that time.

How can I stop these attacks... I must honestly say sometimes I am almost scared, especially the thought that she's still growing and will get bigger (she's now 30 pounds) I really want her to stop this behavior.

When I tell no bite in a firm voice she sometimes gets even nuttier. At home she usually doesn't jump and bite that much but goes after my feet and ancles, ignoring doesn't work and she will just keep biting until it hurts too much for me.

I can't really leave the room as she is without in the common living area, so I have a tie down or I put her in the crate for a few minutes (both in the same area).

Is this mouthing and jumping up still normal at 4 months?
Thanks for any advice.


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I can totally relate my little monster just turned 5 months and trust me they get better! I recently started talking him on longer walks because he was so lazy and would decide to lay down every few steps, I always kept him on a short leash, so now he is a lot better so he gets a longer leash and he gets to go on longer walks. He has never gotten jumpy with me during our walks but definately on other people, but I always I have to step on the leash to prevent him from jumping and make him go to a down. When he gets naughty at home, I take his freedom away and give him a 10 minute time out in his crate, but I don't want him to think his crate is only for pushment so I always feed him and give him treats inside.

I think he sees your son as his littermate and he wants to play with him... but he should only be given supervised limited time with him so that he can place nice. When my 1 year old niece is around my puppy I give him a kong treat or a nylabone, so that he can ignore her and let her be around him without attacking, he eats his excitement away with the treat that even after he acts like she is not around...
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