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Harvey is now 6 months and I'm thinking we might be starting that teenager stage. He's an angel at home and is good on leash but lately he has been jumping on people at the dog park.

Does anyone have advice on how to handle it? Everyone is really nice about it at the park so I normally just tell him no and put him back on leash a bit before letting him loose again but it doesn't seem to be helping.

I'm thinking maybe I should not say anything to him and just leash him and walk out of the park the second he jumps on someone. He is a fast learner so I'm thinking that might do the trick. Any other ideas to handle this using positive training?

Also, is there a way to teach him to respect children? He loves them and is good on leash but if we're at the park and he sees kids, he runs to jump on him. I normally just don't allow him the opportunity. If I even see a kid, we leave. It's easy enough to avoid the kids but I'm wondering if this is something he'll learn as he matures or if I should be working on it now?

I think maybe I"ll try to have him around kids more often on a leash- maybe a playground with my friend's son and have the kids reward him for sitting.

Thanks in advance for any advice. This board is a lifesaver.

P.S. We are also planning to start a canine good citizen class soon so hopefully that will help.
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