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joint supplements...again I know

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So I've been looking thru this section and I see quite a bit of info on older dogs that need a lot of help and I see a lot for puppies. But I need something for a dog just startign to have trouble with her hips.

Tinkerbell has seemed stiff occassionally in the past. but this weekend she was definitely having an issue. I gave her a low dose aspirin this evening with her supper and that seemed to really help. But it is obvious that I need to start a joint supplement program.

I'm thinking I need more than a preventive start but I also don't want to go to the maximum either, I don't think. Her hips are not bothering her all the time at this point and she's only 3. So any recommendations?
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I dont have any information as Beau was 11 when he went on suppliments. So I am bumping it up.
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