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Joe, Kia and Lila saying hello :)

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Hi everyone,

I know that lately I am not present in this forum as often as I would want to, which is somewhat contrary to my promise of being more active.
But the reality is, that I've being very busy at work (firm I work for being sold twice in a row) and also with upgrading my skills (currently I am doing lot of studying for certain certification exams I have to pass before the year's end).
Additionally, I am also trying to finally spend some time on couple of other projects of mine, which I've never really had time to work on. Those are the main reasons behind my forum absence, but to be honest, after many years of doing 24/7 forum support, I am also enjoying this little break.
So, while I do visit our forum almost daily, I mostly just check if everything is ok and step out.
To put on some better behavior, here is couple of shots of me with Kia and Lila, taken this weekend.



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Great shots! The dogs look fabulous!
Nice shots. Kia and Lila look great in the fall leaves. Looks like you guys had a great outing.
It looks like a great day with the girls. Laughed at the one of the butt in the air, must have been something great smelling under the leaves.
Hope your work gets better.
Great pictures, looks like Kia and Lila enjoying their time with you!
Lovely pics there, looks like you all had a great day - love the headless dog pic
Hi Joe :wavey: I love the 2 pictures where they look like twins. It's good to see some pics of the girls that were the reason that you started this wonderful forum, they're beautiful.
Lovely photos looks like you all had a great time.
Good to see you Joe, and the girls, aw, when did she get sugar on her face?
everyone looks well. Change is good sometimes. Hope your not over working yourself.
Those are fabulous pictures. You all look very happy. How cool that you have extra time now.
The girls are lookin' great! And good to see you, too!
hey Joe...........bout time you posted some pics of the girls, nice shots in the leaves too
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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