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It's Puppy Eve!

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That's right, it's puppy eve around here. We'll be decorating the crate, making puppy cookies, and having to take a nip of something before bed in order to sleep, then we'll have visions of Wubbas dancing in our heads ;)

We pick up our puppy tomorrow morning at 11. Honestly, since I joined GRF, I had visions of reading all the threads and participating more than I have have. But, I guess I've been nesting instead! All of the projects I wanted to get done before the puppy arrived have been completed, so now I can just relax (relative word with a puppy!) and enjoy him.

His name will be Sam, and it's possible I'll have some pics to share tomorrow LOL!
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Ohhhh puppy breath. I know you must be so excited. Can't wait for pictures.
Aw...I hope this day speeds by for you. I LOVE his name! But I'm kinda partial to was my Heart guys name. Is your Sam short for Samson? Our Sam became Sammi-dog, after my 3 year old nephew started calling him by that name. :)
Oh how exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Very exciting! I can't wait to see pictures. . .


It will be the most exciting day of your life!!:)

Welcome to SAM and we can't wait to see pictures!!


I'm excited for you :) and can't wait to see the pictues of Sam when he settles in!
Thanks everyone. I've cleaned the house twice since this morning LOL!

Paula: his name is just Sam. For sentimental reasons, I picked that name. My dad, for whatever reason, called me Sam as a nickname. My dad passed years ago, but I can still hear him calling me Sam, almost always when the two of us were up to no good LOL. But, all that aside, it is a great name :)
Oh I'd be going crazy! go see a movie? Good time killer!
I'm sure you will be pacing the floors today. Looking forward the pictures of the homecoming tomorrow. Make sure the camera batteries and your own batteries are fully charged. :p: You may be in for a few sleepless nights.
Can't wait to hear how things 5 weeks, I'll have my pup here as well...
Oh gosh! How exciting!!! Congrats. I can't wait to see pics. I can remember how anxious and excited I was the night before I was supposed to go pick up Winchester.
Tip! Put a cheap, clear shower curtain down in the car, and also under the crate. It makes any accidents much less stressful.
How exciting..I love it Puppy Eve! Have fun picking him up, I hope the drive isn't to long.
What an exciting day you're going to have tomorrow! I didn't sleep the night before we picked Rufus up...I had more important things to do like be excited!! Looking forward to pictures of Sam.
How exciting! I can not wait to see pictures. Sounds like a good way to kill time though making puppy cookies. Very fun! Hope the evening goes quickly!
Congratulations ! You will have such a joy brought to your lives. Can't wait to see pictures of Sam ! Love the name Sam , always have always will.
I remember the day before we picked up Bama. We were on vacation in the keys and almost left a day early to go up to Alabama. But we restrained ourselves. You will have so much fun with Sam. I cant wait to see the pictures of him.
So much fun to bring home a new pup!
Thanks everyone!! My neighbor just invited us over for dinner. She said that will kill a few hours LOL.
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