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It's a Good Thing Winchester Isn't Human

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Or he'd probably never forgive me for doing this.

What do you think he should be for Halloween? :D


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oh my gosh.... LOL!!! I think my fave is the cowboy!!
Those are adorable! Definitely not "bad dog". I think the fire fighter is cute....but they all are! :)
I like them all! In this house, they'd strip each other. I must say they will now leave each others bandana's alone.
Bottom right pic is Indiana Jones right?
According to the Holy Grail Movie "Henry Jones Jr" Picked up the nickname "Indiana" from his beloved dog.
I love them all! "bad dog" is my favorite!
Loll! How adorable! :D I can't decide! They're all great!
I'm having a hard time choosing between cowboy, space buddy, and bad dog.
very cute! just a bit of a tip for you - if he's got a deep chest many of those costumes won't fit right. the way Faith is shaped, i can only do the ones that velcro under her belly. the ones that are supposed to be worn like a shirt tend to be too tight.

however, get them all and try them on and take photos for our enjoyment! :)
....... that poor, sweet little boy. :uhoh::)
Ooooohhhh! The expression on his face speaks volumes! lol
Haha... nice PS work!
Haha... nice PS work!

LOL Yea at first I was like, WOW you bought all those costumes just to try them on? Then realized they were just PS'd on haha :doh:
Well, you know Winchesters and cowboys go together.
he's even cute nekkid!!!!!!!!!
I vote for the cowboy. There is no way Winchester could be a bad dog. :p:
How cute! If they're PS'd, do you think he'll actually wear one? TOO cute!
I vote for the cowboy. There is no way Winchester could be a bad dog. :p:
Boy has he got you buffaloed! Did you not read the story of the rat poison?! LOL

I'm leaning toward the cowboy becaus it's on clearance! LOL The only cheaper one is the Go Diego, Go. I'm sure that would be my youngest son's pick.
OMG!! He is just so cute!! If that's his nudey face... just imagine when he's actually wearing one. LMAO! I was going to do Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy with mine, but I can't find a Raggedy Andy dog costume ANYWHERE. :(
1 - 20 of 24 Posts
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