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Hi All,

I have come to this site numerous times to help out with any questions that I have had while my golden, Oakley, has been growing up! Everyone seems to have really helpful information, so I am seeking some opinions on our current situation.

Oakley is currently 14 months and within the past 2 months (starting in August) we noticed he had very dry skin and was increasingly itchy. While brushing him with the furminator, we would get hair that was full of dandruff. We added a daily fish oil supplement and oatmeal shampoo to his regimen. Then after about a month of the dry skin, he started developing little bumps (look like small rounded pimples without a head; and some are red, but some are his natural skin color which is black on his back) all over his body. They are mainly on his sides and back, with a few occasional on his stomach. In addition to the itchy, dry skin and bumps, he also will chew his inner hind legs and forearms.

We have gone to the vet a few times now for this and they gave him zyrtec to try (didn't help), did a skin scraping (didn't find anything), treated him for mites/fleas just in case (he is on Parastar and Sentinel monthly), a steroid shot (helped reduce the itching but not the bumps/dry skin), and now told us to try benedryl (2 25mg tabs twice a day since he is 60lbs). The vet does not believe he has fleas or a bacterial infection, just allergies. I also went out and bought a bottle of MicroTek shampoo from a local tractor supply store. He has been on Fromm food since he was a puppy, with his favorite being whitefish and potato. Within the past week, he started refusing to eat the Fromm, so I decided to try Acana Duck and Pear (since it was limited ingredients). He has only been on it two days, but I feel the itching and bumps are worse, so i'm debating trying something else? I have used the microtek shampoo once so far and that hasn't seemed to help his itching, but I will try it again.

We have an appointment next Wednesday with a dermatologist, but I am on wits end and feel so discouraged because I feel absolutely terrible for him! :uhoh: I am open to any suggestions! Thanks!
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