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Is your golden stubborn?

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Ever since we first got our Mandy (2005) it has been very apparent that she has a stubborn streek in her. :) She is the best natured dog but she definitely can be stubborn at times.
Going thru our latest health issues (partial kidney failure) she has once again proven her stubborness. She will eventually give in and do things but she always try to get her way...or no way.
I love her alot but there are times just like with kids where you are ready to pull your hair out trying to get her to do things she needs to do.
We take her back to her vet on Thursday for another recheck. I am becoming so good at making meals made up with her kidney dry food and pasta, gravies, anything to get it into her. Maybe I should do a doggie cookbook. LOL Someone should advise Hills to make the food smell and taste better.
Is your dog ever stubborn?
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My Jasmine (lab/golden) sure is! I figured it was the lab in her, now I am wondering if it's the female in her. LOL
Yes! Holiday is. Lol. She is so silly. I want her to sleep in the bed, but she spends an hour or so playing and rolling on her back, mouthing my hands, bringing me toys. Starlite, on the other hand, just curls right up beside me to sleep the minute I lay down. Gotta love 'em both!
Holly is the queen of stubborn. She's been that way since she was a puppy. Rosie just wants to listen and please:)
Must be something about those Holly type names! lol (I call Holiday Holly for short sometimes!)
Tasha is VERY stubborn at times!!
Yes, a bit stubborn, but she smiles the whole time, so all is forgiven.
Sounds like a girl dog thing to me!! LOL
Our girl is very stubborn. She is also a bit of a drama queen.
I never really think of my dogs as stubborn. More often, I think of myself as stubborn when I keep trying to get them to do the same thing, the same way, and it's not working!
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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