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Is my dog on drugs?

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I'm thinking cocaine or crystal meth as possibilities. Over the last couple of weeks, Max has been getting more and more active and just...well....plain nuts!! This morning was the worst. For an hour and a half he was running, jumping, biting, jumping, running, running some more, biting, jumping, jumping...well, you get the general idea...nonstop!! I just took him on an hour fast paced walk in hopes of him calming down. He is still nutty so I booted him out in the yard to keep running it off.
It's a scary thing to think your dog may be on drugs. You know, they say that this is the age you have to be watchful of and I feel like I really let him down because we didn't even have the "drugs are bad for you" talk. I thought he was too young yet. :( I guess you are never too young for that chat. I hope someone here can learn from my mistake.
Now I'm concerned about who his dealer might be. I've been thinking and it could be so many people!! When we are on our walks, so many strangers stop to pet him and dogs stop to sniff him. I mean, now, it's obvious to me how an innocent chin scratch or dog snuffling can really be a quick drug pass between the two. Now I am concerned about pill pushing humans and drug dealing dogs!! I'm afraid to take Max for walks anymore!! :hyper:I just don't know what to do!
Now I know, maybe you are thinking I'm being too extreme in my thinking, but looking back, I have proof in pictures that something may well be amiss!!

Stoned out of his freaking mind:

High as a kite, if you know what I'm saying:

The drug crash, coming down hard:

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Haha! Wouldn't we love to bottle this golden exuberance and .....oh, I don't know .... save it for ourselves or get rich. Hmmm... we'd probably have enough to do both!

Cute pictures :)
That is too funny! Maybe that is wrong with Luck as well! Drugs! I guess I will enroll him in DARE right away.
Finn's nickname is "the crackhead", but I think we're too far away for him to be your youngster's dealer:)
Our neighborhood dealer is a Great Dane by the name of "Chubby."


Those pictures are so CUTE. I especially love the last one, with the lips. Whenever the lips come out I'm always laughing. :D :D :D
LOL... Too cute!
Rehab .... those pictures are great, I love the last one.
Beautiful, Jenn!

These cracked me up. Now I'll have to start policing Max on our walks...I've noticed many of the same symptoms. Please keep me updated if you identify any of the offenders!:new (17):
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