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I’m going though that with two dogs right now. (Not goldens)

Roxanne (El Tango De Roxanne) is 10.5 years old. She’s slowing down. Seems to be physically healthy, aside from her accidents. Her mental health is seriously declining though. She has always been scared of thunder. Scared of strangers. But she has gotten to the point to where she’s scared of rain! She used to come running when we called her, now she just lays down when we call.

Emmy is a little dog. No register name. She will be 13 in December. She’s been a resource guarder all her life. I worked with her a lot to get it to a manageable level. She’s occasionally aggressive. We no longer allow her to interact with anyone who doesn’t live in our home.Absolutely forbidden from seeing children. We just don’t know what she’ll do anymore. She went after our kitten for being in the kitchen the other day.

I watch these dogs daily and make mental notes on whether I think they are having good or bad days. I wonder if I’m doing the right thing all the time with them. It’s so hard when the mental health goes first.
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