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I think I waited too long with my first dog. I let her go a little over a year ago, she was 14 and a half. I've had dogs growing up but Amelie was my first dog I owned. It was very gradual with her. She had mobility issues and it got to the point where nothing seemed to work to help her anymore. I had her on a lot of pain pills. She was never a complainer so it was hard to know if she was in pain or just had a hard time using her muscles. I think it's easier to be more objective when it's not your dog. I remember thinking years before that a friend was waiting too long to put her dog down. It is so much harder when it was me who had to make that decision. My mom, who has had to make that decision before tried very carefully to let me know it was time to start thinking about letting her go. I did finally agree and set a date, but I set it for a week away to give me time (selfish). Well, the next day, Amelie actually gave up and refused to put any weight on her back legs at all. No idea what happened that she wouldn't even try. So I moved the day up. Since Amelie was terrified of the vet because of surgeries she's had in the past, there was no way I would let her final moments be at the vet. I had someone come to my home and it was actually a pleasant experience. The guy who came was very patient and kind. He gave her the shot and backed off so I could lay with her and hold her. He never rushed me and let me take as much time as I needed. After she was gone, he was still very gentle with her and put her in a van in a cushion of pillows. She looked so peaceful!

As exhausting (mentally and physically) as it was to help Amelie with her mobility near the end, I would have kept doing it if I was thinking about me and not her. But that was no life for a dog. I still think about her all the time and miss her so much.
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