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So a little while back I had to have Invisible Fence reroute the line when I was building a barn on the edge of my property. I was more than happy to pay for them to come out to do it. I was away for work when they did and couldn't QC the work until I got home. Finding out they didn't bury the line, just staked it. So I called them back out but refused to pay for the $99 fee that they charge for every tech visit, as it was on a job they didn't do right in the first place.

The tech was visibly agitated by this but did come back out to bury the line. Before he left he said he would like to see the collars so he could give them a "software update"...with his mobile phone. Now I do have the MicroLite Computer Collar and being that I was working I didn't think much of it. To me it seems as if the sensitivity has gone down on them (it takes while fo them to go ff when I walk to an edge) or the level was turned downs since. I know they can only do that with there equipment as I watched the trainer do it.

My question is...

Can and did he really "update" the collar or was it just a reason to lower the sensitivity so I have to call them back out to get more tech fees.

Am I just over thinking this? We've been very happy other than that with the product as we live on a busy street and I have a 75 lb energetic English Cream.
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