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Introducing Skye

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Well that was short lived, I said no more after losing Casey 6 weeks ago. I needed/wanted to heal, plans were made for a pup maybe 2 years down the road..well things have changed. Lilli was lonely, daddy was just as bad and I am missing my boy terribly..enter Dr. E the rotten vet (lol kidding). A call from the blue he wanted us at his office to meet someone..
As we are sitting at the office he walks thru the door with a 3yo girl who promptly sits and waves at us (a sign from my Casey?). I almost lost it, DH has to sit down and Skye comes over to him and rests her head in his lap and gazes with those big brown eyes and says "Gotcha"..oh yeah, he was in trouble...
Ladies and gentlemen may I introduce you to Skye, a 3 year old who was a rescue has already had 1 poss. 2 litters already (now spayed) did not know what a toy much less cookies were and when entering the house went straight to the crate...poor baby. My is her life about to change.
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That is wonderful. It brought tears to my eyes. I hope you have many happy years with Skye. She is so lucky to have found you and your family.
Awwwwwwwwwww- This is lovely news and the best possible tribute to your dear Casey!
I know, I know! That's what I said when our dear Maggie went to Rainbow Bridge July 20. By August 12 Hank was in our lives turning our home upside down with his puppy antics. It was waaaayyyy too quiet and hair free for those 3 weeks. Our home seemed so empty. Maggie will never be forgotten and we miss her but life is too short to grieve for what was and to not open our hearts again.

I'm so happy you found Skye and she found you.
She is gorgeous!!!!! Congrats. I hope to meet her some day! :)
What a sweet story :) Welcome, Skye! (Love the name, my aunts had a toller named Skye too)

I'm happy that she will have the home she has always deserved.
Congratulations and thanks for giving Skye such a wonderful forever home! The looks on these rescue dogs' faces when they first discover toys, treats, and a comfy bed as part of a family is such a reward that makes me just smile and get warm all over.
Casey wouldn't have it any other way! Congratulations and what a lucky girl (both of you)!
Congratulations! It feels like some things are just meant to be...
What a blessing! Enjoy your new girl.
Oh now you've made me cry! I think she's a very special girl and was definitely meant to come and live with your family. She deserves to be loved and you have a lot of love to give, many congratulations to you! I think the vet is a saint:)


Your story made me tear up!! Skye was meant to be yours and I do Believe that Casey sent her. She is just beautiful!!
That head in the lap and gazing eyes will get us everytime.
Skye will help you heal and vice versa.
Love the pic of your three dogs!!!

Oh, I AM SO HAPPY FOR SKYE AND YOU!!!!!:):):):):):)
Bless You for the Rescue ~ And Bless Skye for rescuing you.
Congratulations on your rescue!! Those sweet Golden faces get ya every time :) Skye is beautiful and I'm sure she will bring you many years of joy.
I have been waiting for this post!!!!

WELCOME SKYE!!!!! You have found a great home you lucky little girl. Pam has SO much love to share.

I too agree, Casey helped her find you.

Can't wait to hear progress stories.
I truly believe that Casey sent Syke to you to help your family heal. And what better way then to love and spoil a girl that really needs it. The waving is what got me in your introduction. There is your sign. There is no right or wrong time to bring a new loved one into your home.
Skye you are going to be loved and spoiled the rest of your life so forget those bad times. You are a beautiful girl.
What a sweet sweet story! Congrats on your new addition! She is beautiful!
Welcome Skye! It sounds like everyone is lucky with this match. I know Skye is going to have one happy loving home, I look forward to hearing stories.
Welcome Skye, and good one for your vet - sometimes we just need that little nudge and it sounds as if Skye had certainly made her mind up. I'm sure Casey will be smiling and saying to his new friends "it's because they loved me so much, that they are opening their hearts again"

You have a beautiful girl there who has now found her forever home,
how wonderful!! Skye is so very lucky to have you for her forever home!
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