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Introducing Sadie

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I posted here about a month ago when we lost our beloved golden Sassy to hemangiosarcoma. We considered a rescue dog, but in the end we couldn't resist a new puppy, introducing Sadie:

She's 7 weeks old and we brought her home yesterday. She's adapting wonderfully, very minimal crying and only one accident so far. She likes to lay on my feet while I work.

It's been hard pulling out Sassy's dog bed, toys, and food dishes, she'll never be forgotten or replaced but this is a new chapter in all of our lives.

Rest in peace, Sassy.
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I am sure Sassy is looking down with love, happy you have opened your hearts to another! Sadie looks beautiful!!!! Happy Puppy days!
What a sweet puppy! Enjoy the puppy days they pass so quickly! Take lots of pictures.
Congratulations on your new pup - I'm sure Sassy will be looking down at you from the bridge with a smile, knowing that her golden legacy will live on.
Congratulations on the new puppy. Very cute..
:welcome: Sadie! She's soooo cute. Your dear Sassy is watching from Rainbow Bridge, happy that you have brought Sadie home to love.
Your puppy Sadie is so cute...does she want to come over and play with Murphy? (he was 10 weeks on Sunday)
So sorry,on one hand and so happy for you,on the other hand!.
Congratulations! I love the name Sadie, and she is adorable! I hope to see lots more photos in the months to come :)
Sadie is sooooo adorable! Love her all her life and enjoy everything such a sweetie brings to your lives. Congratulations!!
Sadie is adorable! Congratulations on your new addition! Thanks for sharing the pictures!
She is just adorable. Sassy is looking down with happiness at you opening your heart to another dog.
Sassy would be so happy for both you and Sadie. She is a cutie.
Oh my god, I am in love! Sassy was a beautiful girl :)
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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