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Introducing.... Duffy!

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We just adopted a golden pup today. We named him Duffy, he is six weeks old. Born on September 23.

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Welcome to GRF. We will be needing some Duffy pictures very soon. :p:
Congrats on Duffy! Can't wait to see pics of him!

Love the name :)
Welcome to the forum and the world of puppies. They are so much work but worth it and so fun. Cant wait to see pictures of Duffy.
Welcome! Love the name (my dads first dog was named that as well). Can not wait to see pictures!
Welcome to the world and the GRF, Duffy. Please post some pictures.
THank you for the warm welcome!

I'll have to figure out the picture thing, he is so cute.

Ooops, he was born on September 13, not 23. My mistake! He is actually just over 8 weeks old.

OK, pics are posted under the GR photos subject :)

Thanks for peeking,
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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