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"I'm just letting the air get at it"

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Layla is being quite the little princess since her spay surgery on Friday...She will not get off the couch to eat or drink, you must bring it to her and she will only take food from your hand, not the bowl. Needless to say she has not eaten much - a little bit of chicken, I had made a crock pot full of chicken and rice for them on Friday, she doesn't want the rice. I browned up some ground beef for her, she will eat a bit of that, but no kibble and no canned dog food. She will take the occasional ice cube from us.

She is still hurting, I can tell, and feel bad for her...she will hop off of the couch when someone comes in, and then goes and rolls on the floor in pain. I think maybe the sutures are pulling right now....We have to help her up on the furniture - she stands there and cries, but can't stop her from jumping down - she's sneaky.

E Collars and Tshirts are not going to stop Layla from getting at her stitches. I took an old ribbed tank top, cut extra holes in it (she could escape otherwise), and rubber band it behind her shoulders. I had finally gotten her settled down at about 2:30 this morning, and started to fall asleep (she is a couch hog), at 4 am she got the e collar off, I thought she still has that tshirt, it's fairly secure...and tried to go back to 5 am she is laying on top of me, spread eagle - no tshirt LOL. I swear the look on her face said "mom I am being good, really, I am just letting the air get at it".

I had 3 old dogs go through hysterectomies, and none of them had as difficult of a time as little Layla seems to be having...What a diva! Two weeks of this is going to kill me. I have slept maybe 5 hours total since Friday. I feel bad but I may have to resort to the cone instead of the inflatable e collar, and put her in her crate - she won't be able to move, but I guess that could be a good thing.

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Sorry to hear that she is not feeling well! I hope you and her can get some sleep tonight!
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