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I'm getting sooo excited!

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Tomorrow we find out which new puppy will be ours. Saturday is pick up day!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to see how Kadence reacts. Hopefully she doesn't think he is a stuff toy, especially because she doesn't treat her stuff toys very nice. LOL:doh:
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Ooooooh how exciting!! I can't wait to see pictures :)
I am excited for you as well!! Hope everything goes smoothly!!
Yay! Good luck!
Very exciting

How exciting.

Adopting our dogs was one of the most exciting things in my life.
Our Samoyed, Gizmo and our Samoyed, Snobear, were from breeders.
Our Smooch, Golden Ret. and our Munchkin, Samoyed were both from rescues.
We got our photo tonight of who our puppy will be.

Here is what she said:
Here he is-Mr Little boy Blue. He is pretty mellow but still should be able to hold his own with Kadence:)) He loves to be held and snuggled and I haven't noticed any propensity for chewing checks! lol
See you Saturday at 10 am:)
Jennifer Craig

Kadence (8 months) likes to eat checks or any other important paperwork.

Here's the new guy.

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Awwww!! He is so cute!! I can't wait to see pictures of them meeting!! Yay!
Oh YES!!!! I'll take him.

Congratulations. Everybody loves a new baby. Can't wait for all the pictures. Hurry Saturday, hurry!
Oh my, what a cutie!!!!! Big congrats... and I'll be waiting for tons of welcome home pics.
Awesome little dude!! (also equally awesome shirt--Go Steelers!!)
What a beautiful little furball. How exciting!!
Is that his name??? I love Little Boy Blue!
Gotta love those "blue BOYS" congrats!!!!!!
The new pup looks like a real keeper. You will be pacing the floors til you can bring the new kid home. Looking forward to watching him grow up here on the forum.
GottabGolden, I am a steelers fan also (even though I live about 20miles west of Browns Town) I even commented to the breeder after she sent thepic that it was a nice shirt.
Thank you all. I will definitely be snapping quite a few pics. Iam curious how Kadence (8months) will react to him. She is going with uis so they can meet on neutral territory. I can see the look on her face now"Hey Mom, you forgot to leave that little one at his own house"
Congrats!!! How exciting :)
Congratulations, how exciting! I'm so jealous! We had to delay our puppy plans because my idiot husband crashed his dirt bike and got injured. lol.
Do you have a name for Mr. blue yet? He's ADORABLE!
He is adorable!!
It's Big Ben!
LOL, Clever

No definite name yet. We have 2 in mind. One we were going to use last time but got a female. I have one son away at college so we are waiting for him to be home to make a final decision. He will be home this weekend so he can go with us when we pick him up. We had a terrible time with a name for the girl because we thought we would get a male 1st but we didn't.

On another note my cardiologist tried to ruin my weekend & puppy pick up day. He wanted to admit me today after results from my halter monitor. I told him no way, not now. I didn't dare tell him it was because i was picking up a puppy. LOL
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