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Im coming to join the big girls and boys now

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Hi Everyone
My name is Sasha, you may have seen me on and off on the puppy forum, well it was my first birthday yesterday so i can now come and join all you grown ups, i'm sure my mum will want to ask some questions from time to time when i'm up to mischief or something, at the moment i'm being very good, so i just wanted to say hello


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Awwwww!! A very happy birthday to you, Sasha!! I hope you got lots of treats!! :D :D :D
Happy Birthday Sasha!
Ike says "welcome to the big kids forum" :)
Aww, happy birthday Sacha!!

Mia will be joining you in here soon! :)
no treats for me, i have had a poorly tummy so for the last 2 days i have left my mummy one in the morning, she is not to happy, so i'm on short rations until i get better, i'm still a happy girl, just a pooy girl lol
hiya sasha! max says you are beeeeeeooooodeeeepul!

come join us in doggie chat!
Happy Birthday sweet Sasha! I hope your tummy feels better soon so you can have some yummy birthday treats!
Hi Sasha, Happy birthday, but what a bummer getting an upset tum - still I guess your mum won't be too annoyed if it's because you feel a bit poorly.

Quinn says I've got to give you a message, but your not to tell your mum, he says be really good for as long as you can, and then just when your mum is telling people how good you are then you do something naughty - that really gets them annoyed.

Get better quickly
Sasha very happy birthday yaaaaay second picture that is my favorite position I hope your tum is better soon what a bummer no treats for your birthday, but I am sure you can get your own back soon love Honey and Jade.
Happy 1st birthday, Sasha, from one Sasha's mom to another!! You sure are a beautiful girl.
love the first two pictures. Pure golden.

Happy Happy!
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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