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Every night I eat a little dish of ice cream and then let Honey lick abnout a spooon full out of my dish. She haqs come to expect me to go get a dish of ice cream then come bac k to the computer or sit in the recliner if watching TV.

Tonight I was on computer and she was on bed and when I got up she bounced off the bed and headed down the ahll way tail just a going. I went into the kitchen--but only got a glas of water. She followed me back slowly, tail not wagging.

A little later I went back into the livingroom for something--same thing, she was off the bed in a flash heaed down hall way , tail just a wagging. I didn't even go into the kitchen that time. So she followed me back slowlyg, tail down,.''But finally I did go get it and she made a mad dash back in here and got on the end of the bed where she could watch me very closely to make sure I left some for her. That girl has it down pat. Spoilt baby.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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