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I DO feel very fortunate that I have an excellent trainer but I do drive 1 3/4 hours each way every Tuesday afternoon. I have to leave work early, rush home, put the dogs outside for a pee while I very quickly change my clothes, "throw" the (3) goldens into their crates & drive like a bat out of hell to get there in time for my 6:00 pm class. My routine from there is very structured - pee, into class for an hour, back into the crate & feed and onto the next dog - May, Nyg & then Razz.

Not only do I love the classes but all of the golden kids do as well. They are MOST cooperative in our schedule & all I have to say is "We're going to Esther's" & they're jumping into their crates in the van.

I do take winters off as winter driving conditions are just too unpredictable but come spring, "We're on the Road again!"

We will be taking obedience clinics once a month but on weekends throughout the winter months.

I hope you can find an "Esther".
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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