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I wish I had a class to go to!

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I am so jealous of those of you who have a weekly competition class you can attend. There is nothing where I live for either obedience or agility (or anything else except conformation). Classes in my area consists of Petsmart, a former Petsmart trainer now doing in-home lessons, or the kennel club's jerk the choke chain, no food allowed CGC class.I graduated with my puppy last night from Petsmart Puppy Kindergarten. I told the trainer there ahead of time that all I really wanted from the class was to get my dog used to working around other dogs, and checked to make sure it would be okay if I didn't follow their curriculum. So last night, after the other dogs showed off the skills they had learned in class (many of which I haven't yet begun to teach my pup), Flip and I got up and showed the tricks we have been working on: walking backwards, spin and twist, chase a treat and race back, tug a toy and release, etc. I don't think the others quite got the point of it all, but we still got to put on a graduation cap and take a picture (I cared more about the putting on the cap at this point than the picture....I want him exposed to everything!) And now I'm back with no weekly class to attend.I guess there's not much point to this post other than to tell those of you who have good instructors that offer weekly classes how lucky you are!
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'Kay. I'm SUPER lucky.

I drive 15-20 mins to get to the local park where my obedience instructor does her private training and 30 mins to where she does group attention classes.

The weekly drive to agility is a little longer... 40 mins, but that's only because I choose to take a daytime class (better for my schedule vs. the evening class taught at the location 30 mins away). Back when I could afford agility private lessons, *THAT* instructor was about 30 mins away.

On weekends, I have several trials to choose from, many often held in that same park, just 15 mins away! A "long drive" to a local trial (obedience or agility) is an hour.

One of the (few) benefits of living in Los Angeles, I guess! I definitely consider this when I contemplate moving.

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