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I think Jesse needs some exercise......

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Jesse was spayed last Friday and doesn't get her stitches out until Monday - that means 10 days of limited on lead exercise and no off lead exercise according to our vet. How will we cope?!? She is used to 30-60 minutes off lead twice a day with other dogs.

This morning I came home and my angel puppy who NEVER CHEWS ANYTHING had amassed a pile of things on her mat and many other items strewn across the living room and bedroom :doh: The list that she destroyed includes:

- Ice pack
- Tube of no-itch cream
- 2 pairs of socks
- 1 piece of underwear
- 1 bottle of water
- 1 plastic bag (chewed into tiny pieces)
- 4 receipts that I was keeping until I could try the clothes on (the receipts made it look like it was snowing in here)

Hmmmmm....I walked in the door, said "Jesse what have you done" and she sat in front of me, whined and put her paw on my leg. How could I be angry? Guess it will teach us to put things out of reach (they were on various tables, etc. but obviously not up high enough!!). My poor pup is so desperately bored and wants to run in the park with some friends. 4 more days to go...and counting!!

Oh, and I called the vet to see if I should be worried about her ingesting the gel from the ice pack and/or the no-itch cream - he said the gel is worse, but she should be fine (I stayed home to monitor her just in case) far so good.
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Oh yeah it's tough! Just went through it with Holiday!

She was in enough pain for two days to just sleep, but once she felt better, she wanted to do nothing but this:

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Goodness, what a naughty girl! Guess she is letting you know what she thinks about being spayed! Only four more days, does she have new chewie toys?
Yes, she certainly made it clear she's not happy!! She has new toys and bones....I usually give her a kong as well but I was only gone 30 mins!! All her toys were left in their box. I guess they just aren't as fun as raiding the tables she can reach :)
Jenna I love that photo - that's definitely a happy golden with a big smile!!
I bet she was just bored, and chewing stuff up was probably her entertainment.
And when she sat in front of you and put her paws on your leg, it was probably her saying "i'm sorry.. but i'm in pain.. and so bored... please don't leave me alone again.. pleasee?" :p:
Try 6, going on 7 weeks of absolutely no exercise!! Luckily I've been really fortunate with Flora and she's super mellow, but still, I feel bad.

I play a lot of indoor games - gentle tug of war, "find it!", etc., and I've been grooming her a lot lately, just to keep her stimulated. I also let her outside and allow her to wander around and sniff things, I just keep her from running or jumping too much. I wish I had more tips, but since Flora's pretty low-key I haven't had to work too hard at keeping her calm. 10 days will go by faster than you think! Good luck. :)
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