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I love Pet Plan

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If anyone is thinking about getting pet insurance, I highly recommend them. They always are courteous on the phone and answer my questions, no complaints.

Our policy is for emergencies, so we have a 100% reimbursement after $200 deductible (per incident).

As most of you know, Vito was REALLY sick unexpectedly about 3 weeks ago. We were kind of nervous that maybe Pet Plan would say it was pre-existing since he had stomach problems previously (what dog hasn't?). Plus, they only cover 80% if you take your pet to a veterinary college, specialist, or emergency vet when it isn't an emergency. When Vito fell ill, the only emergency vet near us was a veterinary college hospital (UC Davis). So that was another thing we were worried about. Or what if Pet Plan didn't deem the situation as an emergency??

I checked the claim today and noticed they had sent it to mailing. I called, eager to find out what was covered. I am very happy to say that they are reimbursing at 100% after our deductible!

They never try to jerk us around and I love that about them. I just had to tell everyone how happy I was to hear!
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Glad to hear this. We just switched from VPI, which was just ok. Hope Vito is doing better.
We have them too! We have never had to file a claim with the before, but that's really good to know in case we do need to use it! We have the gold plan for both of our dogs.
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So glad they covered all the expenses! I have Pet Plan for Lexi when she was pregnant, and have been very pleased with them. So glad I did, because they paid quite a bit of her emergency C-section. They don't cover any other pregnancy expenses except if it is deemed an emergency like Lexi was. It did help us out with all the bills she had.
Glad to hear this! I have been thinking about getting pet insurance for months but have a lot of similar fears. It sounds like Pet Plan is the way to go. THANK YOU for sharing!!
Great news! We also have Pet Plan with 100% coverage/$200 deductible. Haven't had to make any claims yet since all Gibby's visits had been under $200, but really good to hear they're great and fast.
Hope Vito is completely back to himself and being his usual cutie-self! We miss him here down here in SCV!
I was waiting to hear your review as I knew you had submitted your claim... great news.. :) I also have the $200deductible/100% coverage plan.
Wow, cool to see a lot of us have the same plan.
But, I was thinking...I wonder if I should lower my deductible and go to 80%. Just because if Vito had to go to a specialist or something, I wouldn't lose out on that 20%. Thoughts?
That is what I have on Lexi, 80% with a $100.00 deductible. The 100% coverage would have been really nice, but we were thankful to have them pay what they did, her bill was so high! Very happy with the way they responded time wise as well.
I'm glad to hear it!
I love PetPlan. We have the $200/80%. I've had to file several claims with Gunner and they've been fantastic about paying. Never a problem. After we found out that Gunner has EPI, I realized that the insurance was the best decision I've ever made!
They covered all his testing for EPI back in December and when I took him to our new vet a couple months ago to check for SIBO, she also wanted to re-run the EPI test because she didn't trust the results from the lab our previous vet used. I figured there was no way PetPlan was going to cover the same test, again. Well, they did.
They've been great about covering his prescription, too. We've now switched him to an OTC enzyme supplement, which isn't covered. I need to talk to them, though, and see if maybe they'll cover the brand we're using now. In Gunner's case, the actual "prescription" is that he needs enzyme supplements for life. In my mind, anyway, I don't think it should matter whether or not I need a prescription to buy them. So we'll see. Either way, I'm thrilled with them.
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