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I give up

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I lost out on the pup because I was honest.

My house and yard are too small for a golden. The breeders house was huge and her back yard, though not ranch like was huge too.

I told her I think my whole house fits in her yard. She agreed with me that my home is too small and I was let go off her list.

I don't think I'm destined for a golden.

The rescue I found wants to do a home visit but I'm sure they'll say the same thing. My yard isn't big but we have parks we can go to so that not an issue but the house? I can't do anything about that... I'm in California. I don't have millions for a shoebox let alone a real house. I'm lucky to be where I am because it was cheap when my husband's dad bought it.

How can a golden be a service dog then? Do disabled folks only have huge yards and homes? I'm so lost!! 馃挃馃挃馃挃馃挃馃挃
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I raised two puppies in an apartment. Now I have an acre fenced yard, and let me tell you they got way more individual off leash, training and enrichment living in an apartment. Simply because they had to be supervised at all times outside and we HAD to take them on long walks because we had no yard. Explain to breeders your plans for excercise, enrichment, training etc. and you鈥檒l find a lot of breeders have no issues with apartment dwellers. I鈥檇 rather sell a puppy to motivated and active people in an apartment than a busy, lazy person in a house with a fenced yard.

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The grass isn't always greener on the other side either. Friends of ours were trying to buy a dog from a breeder (it wasn't a golden, but I don't remember what kind it was because they didn't get it.) and got rejected because they live on acreage. THAT surprised me. They have a nice home on a farmette type situation which would offer a lot of room for a dog to exercise etc. The breeder told them "I don't sell to farm people." They reassured the breeder that the dog would not be living outdoors at any time, nor did they have large animals that would be dangerous etc but they were still rejected. I couldn't understand that, to me, that is an ideal home. Their house is twice the size of mine!

So it's not always just anti-apartment attitudes. I guess it just depends on the breeder.
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