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I am STARVED. claims Honey

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I put honey's stew on to coook in crock pot yesterday afternoon and you can smell it all thru the house and even on patio.smells so good I am tempted to eat some for my supper. i used 5 pounds chicken thighs, 2 pounds chicken gizzards, 1 pound ground turkey, chopped apples, sweet potatoes and frozen green beans.

Every time i head toward the kitvhen she is all but stepping on my heels and her tail is wagging so hard it is actually hitting her on the sides. never saw a dog that beat him/her self on the sides with tail like she can. but alwas, Sweetness has to wait another 3 hours til it is her supper time. You would think she was starving to death (she had breakfast at 8:30)I bet left up to her onw way, sdhe would eat 23 hours a day and weight 300 pounds! What a chow hound that girl is.
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Oh, it is Honey's. I make this up for her. Keep out enough for 5 days, and freeze the rst in containers of 2 1/2 cups--enought to laST 5 days...and ut in freezer. She gets 3/4 cup of plain dry Taste of the Wild for breakfast and at night, another 3/4 cup plus 1/2 cup of her chicken stew for 5 nights. Then she gets canned mackral or salmon with her food for 3 nights, and then her stew for 5 nights.

I use to have to fix it real often, but now that I only have Honey, I only have to make it once every 6 weeks or so. I use to freeze the stuff in freezer bags, but finally bought some containers different from any I already had and use them to freezer her 5 days worth of stew.

when i make soup or stew for us, i always freeze the left over. To make sure hubby didn't get hers ou to eat insta of ours, I used the mrker and wrote DOGGIE STEW" on lids and sides of all the containers. Been making doggy stew for severalyears for my dogs, and now just for Honey Bunny.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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