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Hunger versus Timing Schedule

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Joy is almost seven months now. She is on target weight at Just around fifty pounds. I feed her Nutra Ultra/ Large breed puppy food 1.5 cups twice a day. Usually about 12 hours apart. I add scrambled eggs every other day or so in the morning. We giver a peanut butter bone if she is Hyper around our dinner time.

Lately Joy seems to be telling me about a half hour to one hour earlier each day that she is Hungry. And I mean boisterously declaring that she would like to eat now If I dont mind. In the evening thats fine but not in the Am. Should I make her wait or am I not feeding enough for her metabolism.


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Since different brands require different amounts of food I can only say, Hank is almost 10 weeks/around 15 lbs, and eats 1 cup/3x day. Sounds like she needs more food. What does the bag say? My Innova bag says 4 cups/day for her age & weight.
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