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Mommy to Hudson :)
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Hello :)

We just got our test results back for Hudson's thyroid. Here they are?

T3 - 0.98
T4 - 16.9
TSH - 0.04
TgAA - Negative
FT4 - 16.7

I'm still waiting for a call from our vet to discuss, but thought I would share to see if anyone has input. They all seem to be in range, but on the low end. I'll give you a little background on Hudson. He's 4 years old, 110 lbs., slow heart rate, we feed him twice a day (1 1/2 cups of food), walk him daily (30-60 min), and he rarely gets treats (maybe 1-2 a week, small cookie). He is lethargic, has had multiple hot spots over the past 2 years, and we're very concerned.

Food: Now Fresh - Large Breed Adult - He's sensitive to Chicken and grains (found this out through a process of elimination), therefore since switching to this food he has had no skin allergies.

I'm no doctor, but I have Hypothyroid myself and he has many symptoms. I will let you know once I speak with the vet today, but I'm hoping he tells me that we can start him on a low dosage to monitor his progress, or gives me another insight on what may be causing this.



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This was the feedback I got from Dr. Dodds (Jacks# on the left, MSU's recommended ranges in the middle, her feedback on the right) and she said Jacks DEFINITELY had a sick thyroid and needed to be on supplement.... which following up, was the best thing for him because it cleared up symptoms that I didn't even realize were symptoms.

Comparing your dogs#s, it does appear he's got thyroid issues - and worse than Jacks were.

Adult Optimal Levels
TT4 - 10 (15-67) TOO LOW 30-65
FT4 - 5 (8-26) TOO LOW 12-24
FT3 - 1.7 (4.5 - 12) LOW 2-10
T4AA - 13 (0-20) +/- OK < 10
T3AA - 3 (0-10) OK < 5
TSH - 6 (0-37) DISCORDANT (see Attached) < 35
Thyroglobulin Autoantibody - 5 (0-35) OK < 35
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