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Howdy from Alaska

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Howdy from Alaska. Just signed up as we are getting a new Golen pup that we will pick up October 2. Wife and I have been talking about getting a pup for almost two years now, and had settled on a golden retriever for several months, and just waiting ont he right time.

Although the time is not perfect since our pup will be ready for its perm. home the end of this month, but we are out of town and have to wait until the 2nd to pick him up. Really exicted. Went through the whole male vs. female debate, light vs. darker, etc. debates. Ended up going with a beautiful young guy that is a lighter color--at least we think he will end up lighter like his parents.

Now were bouncing names around, Gabe, Jake, Paxson, Sutton, Elias, Emmett----since he was born during our first anniv. camping trip and we camped at Paxson lake, we are leaning that way presently.

Will and Kristy.
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Welcome!! and Congratulations!! We'll be waiting to see pictures of your pup.
Welcome and congratulations! I can't wait to see pics of your new pup! Sometimes the name will come to you once you bring him home and you find out his personality... if you still need help then, we are really good at picking names here! :D
Hello and welcome! It took me 10 years to convince my husband to get a pup! Now that we have Bailey, he is talking about getting a second one in a year or two. :D
Welcome from PA, Paxson is a really cool name, i like it!!!
We have another member from Alaska and she has made all of us want to come visit. Congratulations on your new puppy and I like the name Paxson too.
Welcome to GRF and congratulations on your pup!! I just visited my sister in Wasilla, Alaska two weeks ago. What a gorgeous state! I love the name Paxson and can't wait to see pictures.
Welcome from Georgia Will and Kristy.:wavey: I think it is wonderful you have decided to enjoy the company of a Golden Retriever.! Paxson is a pretty cool name and unique at that. Keep us posted on the new arrival.
Glad you have joined us.

Al & Tuff Dog
Oooohhh, cool! More Alaska pics :)

Welcome :wave:
Congratulations. This is very exciting for you both. I'm partial to Jake, our Jake is such a love.
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